Pro outside door not only reaches directly inside the house. At the same time, its entrance is also the first visitor card for residents. Therefore, by choosing the Schüco outdoor door, give your house high-quality individual accents. The choice of a wide range of design options will allow you to perfectly match the Schüco outdoor door with your wishes and architectural solutions to your home. Aluminum Doors Schüco ADS (Aluminum Door Systems) and the new Schüco Door Platform ADS SimplySmart combines many timeless design options with the highest security, thermal insulation, tightness and durability. The options for design options are almost limitless-you can also choose a large-format door.


Aluminum doors - a combination of modern design, durability and quality. Robust, tight and safe doors almost do not require maintenance. Aluminum is a unique construction material due to its flexibility - the large dimensions and variety of shapes allow even the most complex projects to be implemented, and the large selection of colors does not restrict the freedom of choice. Aluminum door doors are resistant to environmental stress and corrosion. They endure frequent shuttering and sudden changes in temperature and humidity, and are not afraid of stronger shocks or scratches.


Schüco ADS SimplySmart

The advantages of the Schüco ADS SimplySmart system platform are the full core depth. And more: Schüco ADS SimplySmart also provides excellent energy efficiency by increasing airtightness and isolation. Dual isolation zone, permanent, variable central intermediate ensures exceptional performance not only in areas with Uf values but also in areas of airtightness, water impermeability and wind load. Schüco ADS SimplySmart offers efficient manufacturing and installation. The symmetrical profile design ensures maximum use of even parts at the basic depth of the system and the underlying depth due to the uniform design principle. The result is a simplified, reliable production with a reduced number of different products and minimal storage requirements.


Schüco ADS 90.SI SimplySmart is the highest design. For the first time, it demonstrates the integrated façade door as an attractive design solution. The doors of the exterior opening function mix easily with the appearance of the facades due to its hidden outer frame. The most impressive aspect is the rational appearance, as the door filler and facade glasses work in one plane.


Rayners - Concept System® 77

Concept System® 77 is a high-quality door system that meets the requirements of high thermal insulation, stability and safety. Depending on the security, different door options are specially designed and tested for burglar resistance, fire resistance, fracture proofing and panic-based solutions that meet the strictest European standards. The range of doors is available in all types of entrance and exit open options, realized with a large number of door locks to suit any lock needs. The CS 77 doors are offered at different thresholds to perfectly fit all amenities and aesthetic requirements. To ensure the door tightness, specially designed insulating strips are used to avoid possible bending of the element due to the temperature difference between the exterior and the outside of the building.


The CS86-HI system door range is perfect for all comfort and aesthetic requirements with different thresholds. Thanks to the rear entrance door, the CS 86-HI door offers the possibility to integrate all possible panel constructions. With regard to safety and performance, the doors of the CS 86-HI may qualify for class 2 burglar resistance. Thanks to its high stability, the doors also passed rigorous tests for high traffic volumes. Special sealing strips are used to ensure the door seal, to avoid distortion of any element due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the building.